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Daisy's Days
Daisy was diagnosed with a life threatening heart defect at 20 months old After surgery, the hospital sent Daisy home diagnosed with shock just a week after surgery. Daisy had spent almost 4 days on life support machine. Even though they said Daisy was suffering from shock, she had in fact had a stroke. Daisy has extensive brain damage, but has worked hard to get better. Daisy still has limited movement on her right side but she wants to get better...Read More

Our Campaign Goal


Our goal is to make childhood strokes publicly known. We are also trying to ensure that missed stroke at any age are a thing of the past. I am fronting my awareness campaign as my family believe I survived for a reason.That reason is to share my story to help others in the future survive a stroke.Any donations we receive go directly to merchandise to spread the word of mis diagnosed, missed and childhood strokes. Learn the signs.Babies can have a stroke before or during birth.Vitamin K is routinely given to newborns in the UK.Did you know this is to prevent intracranial bleeding? Sadly not all trained Midwives who you will be presented with will not know that this is the reason, and may not recognise, or even know the signs of a child stroke. Young children often have seizures at the time of a stroke.Raised temperature can also signal a brain attack.A stroke is a blood clot attack on the brain. Chicken pox can, in rare cases cause narrowing of the arteries in the brain, causing a blockage, and a stroke. Some people complain of headaches and pain in limbs before the attack. Heart surgery carries the risk as does heart defects.


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